I'm wearing silicone breasts, a red-colored thong.

I'm wearing silicone breasts, a red-colored thong.

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The picture was like in the movies, I was sucking one man's cock and the other was fucking me in the ass. It lasted about 10 minutes, until my hole got used to such a piston. And the pain subsided, replaced by pleasure. They said something in their own language again, and the one I was giving a blowjob was behind me. Then I realized what they wanted to do, and the second man wanted to enter me too.

Oh god, what a thrill that was - two men in my pussy. Too bad, of course, but they didn't last long, and they started cumming one by one in me. Filling me with their seed. It even seemed to me that they had not had sex for a long time, because they had a lot of nectar. And to keep it from leaking out, they put a cork in. I'll be honest, I even got a bellyful of their seed.

I went to the bathroom get more info to clean myself, which took me about 20 minutes. I came out of the bathroom to my men, they were already dressed and offered me a ride in the car with them. Which I agreed to, it was certainly very scary and exciting. But I made this step, I went out of the apartment with two strong men. And the three of us went for a ride in their car around the night city.

Periodically giving them blowjobs, filming their boners. I think so, probably at stoplights people from other cars and public transportation saw this picture of me polishing my men's dicks. Whatever, let them be jealous. At the end of the day, we went back to my apartment. I was already very eager to sleep, so we lay down on the big bed, the three of us, with me in the middle, and fell asleep.

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